'It's all for him': GW medical student who lost her father gets happy news on Match Day


    160 medical students at George Washington University found out their next steps today as a part of Match Day. The students opened envelopes at noon finding out where they’ll complete their residency.

    For Christina Tempesta, it was a moment that she worked so hard for. Her mom was by her side with excitement, but her dad, the family says, had the best seat in the house.

    “I know he’s up there watching, so it’s for him today,” she said.

    The George Washington medical student lost her father suddenly in August. She says she made it to Match Day because of him.

    “I wear his necklace,” she said, pulling out a gold necklace. “I have his hanky in my pocket. It’s all for him.”

    “She said there was something about her days that she just felt her dad was more present than ever,” said Debbie Tempesta, Christina’s mom.

    Christina anxiously ripped open an envelope with her mom by her side and finding out that her hard work has paid off.

    “Cornell! I’m going to Cornell!” Christina yelled.

    For the New York family, Cornell means Christina is heading home.

    “You’re coming home, baby!” Debbie Tempesta said, hugging her daughter tightly.

    “My dad would have tears in his eyes and he would be telling me how much he loved me,” Christina said. “And how proud he is. I know he’s proud. I know he’s proud.”

    Christina’s residency at Cornell is the next step toward fulfilling her dream of becoming a pediatrician.

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