Is It Worth It: Car Pooling vs. Mass Transit in D.C.

(Photo, ABC7)

Is there any way to make our drive to and from work any easier? Uber and Lyft the folks who have put a new face on ride sharing think they've come up with an answer: carpooling their way.

Seventy six percent of Americans drive to work alone. In an effort to change that Uber installed Uber Pool and Lyft came up with Lyft Line. Lyft Line says it "goes everywhere, all for the cool price of your morning latte." the same claim from Uber. Download the app and you're matched with other commuters going your way.

Professor Samer Hamdar is a transportation expert from George Washington University. He says ride sharing services, “will help alleviate some of the congestion, but they can't eliminate all the traffic in urban centers."

So is it worth signing up for these carpool services?

ABC7 caught up with Ron Williams one afternoon standing in the middle of a group waiting to catch the commuter bus from Arlington to Loudoun County.

Williams says online carpooling wouldn't work for him

“My company gives me money for commuting and it only goes on this [Metro Smart Trip card]," he says.

So overall is it worth it?

“It works for some types of trips but not for the trips that actually require more control from your side and an exact arrival time," Professor Hamdar says. "Especially when you talk about commuter trips when you have to be on time.”

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