Maryland ice cream shop selling coffee infused with cannabidiol

Maryland ice cream shop selling coffee infused with cannabidiol. (WJLA)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) - You can treat your anxiety, migraines and seizures with a cup of coffee -- at least at Moorenko's ice cream cafe in downtown Silver Spring.

As first reported by Bethesda Beat, the locally owned business, located at 8030 Georgia Ave., has begun to sell coffee infused with cannabidiol -- or CBD for short. Cannabidiol is a major compound of marijuana, but unlike THC, it does not have any psychoactive effects.

The Costa Rican blend of specialized java is called Flower Power. A company in Brooklyn, New York, makes it.

"We just had a young woman come in and she was on a mission. She said, 'I want this and I want it now,'" stated Moorenko’s owner, Susan Soorenko.

A regular cup of French-press coffee costs $1.95 at Moorenko's, while a cup infused with Flower Power is priced at $5.95. Customers can also purchase a 30-ounce bag for $15. Soorenko stresses the coffee is legal and does not cause any form of “high” or impairment.

"It's not intoxicating. I don't want to give people the impression if you drink enough of this you're going to see colors," Soorenko said with a chuckle.

That said, the specialized coffee can help reduce anxiety and epilepsy, relieve chronic pain and headaches, plus provide sounder sleep for people with insomnia.

Moorenko's has no plans to infuse any of its line of rich ice cream with Flower Power. It also will not sell the product to anyone under 18, strictly on principle.

"Just like I wouldn't serve peanut butter ice cream to a child due to potential food allergies, we won't give this coffee to children," Soorenko added.

Moorenko's believes it is the only retailer in the D.C. area carrying the budding brand of homeopathic Joe. It hopes to enhance both the bottom line and customers’ health.

"We're getting some traction and we'll see If it's wonderful, we'll keep it going. I'll be thrilled to give the community something new and exciting," Soorenko concluded.

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