I-95 drivers face distracted driving

Texting while driving is dangerous. You're 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash. And in the 29 mile long construction zone on 95 around Dale City, you're really taking a big risk.

AAA and Transurban, the company behind the 95 hot lane construction project, surveyed nearly 1,000 drivers who regularly use 95 and found nearly all reported seeing someone engage in dangerous, distracted behaviors.

β€œIt baffles the imagination but yet you are going through the largest construction zone and nearly 60 percent of all drivers that go through are distracted,” says John Towsend, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman.

More than half use their phone while driving, 24% do it without a hands-free device and nearly one-in-five admit to texting while navigating the construction zone. About half of those folks said they'd had an incident or near miss.

Also on Tuesday, the four biggest cell providers announced "It Can Wait," a joint multi-million dollar ad campaign against texting and driving all in an effort to get you put down the phone and drive.

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