Hundreds attend Women's Summit in Northern Virginia


Hundreds of women with a mandate for change came from across Virginia and beyond for a women's summit Saturday in Northern Virginia.

“Instead of being angry we have moved to action,” organizer Robbin Warner said.

Energized and motivated by policies with which they disagree and persistent problems in America, the women believe the country is on the wrong path and are here to alter it.

“You see what is happening with immigrants being pulled from their mothers and fathers,” organizer Katherine White said. “What the hell is going on with this country.”

They listen to speakers, but these women also came together to talk with one another. They discuss politics and Virginia’s future. Six women are running for Congress in the midterm elections.

“Everything that is happening right now in our country is scaring me,” attendee Bridget Kraft said. “And I am here at the women’s summit because we have a record number of women running.”

Some say the summit is an offshoot of the Women’s March.

“For a lot of women, I know it brought them in,” Nancy Broff said. “Women who have never been active before.”

An activism they intend to build upon and carry into the future.

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