Howard University freshmen unhappy, experiencing flooding problems

Howard University freshmen unhappy, experiencing flooding problems (ABC7)

It’s the first week of spring semester classes at Howard University and some students say they aren’t happy with the way things are going so far.

Due to their concerns, they did not want to be identified.

“It’s a lot of things that needs to be fixed. The heating system is not working well,” said one unidentified student. “There’s nothing we can do, we’re paying thousands of dollars to the university…it’s not like we can just leave.”

Classes were delayed for a week, due to damage to boilers and pipes – caused by the weather.

Now, freshmen say they are experiencing more problems like flooding in their dorms at the Quad on 4th Street, NW.

In a video, shot on Wednesday, you can see one of them walking around their room surrounded by a soggy carpet.

“My food got ruined, it was just a lot of things that got ruined,” said the unidentified student.

“We just want people to show that they actually care and they are actually putting enough effort into fixing it,” said a second unidentified student.

The two young women are science majors.

“Do you think this is affecting your learning? asked ABC7’s Anna-Lysa Gayle.

“It kind of is, because it’s like…I can’t do my homework. I got to make sure my room not getting flooded,” she responded.

We reached out to Howard University for a comment on this matter, they released the following statement Thursday night:

"The extreme weather had a significant impact across campus, but we are committed to working through the inconveniences and disruptions and ensuring our students have a successful experience and academic semester."

A blog was created to provide students with updates on how the university is addressing the problems left behind due to the weather.

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