How local New Year's events plan to keep revelers safe and warm

Frigid temperatures won't hold people back in Falls Church, as there are still plans to have its annual Watch Night event for New Year's Eve. (Amy Aubert/ABC7)

Twinkling lights lined the streets of the City of Falls Church on Saturday evening, just one night before their big New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“It’s a lot of preparation to do this, but once you have it down, you know the routine,” said Keith Thurston, who has worked with Watch Night since it started 20 years ago.

Thurston says they’ll have live music, the big countdown, a star drop and free hot chocolate. Frigid temperatures aren’t holding them back.

“We have six warming stations outside, plus anybody can go to the indoor venues anytime they want to,” he said.

“The cold would not hold me back from any plans at all. I wouldn’t consider it,” said Marion Jacks, a Falls Church resident.

Thurston says the event is working with local law enforcement for security measures. Vehicles are prohibiting from entering the area, with physical blocks to help hold them back. "We've always been cautious, and we'll stay that way," Thurston said.

The Watch Night event in Falls Church is a free event that they describe as fun for all ages.

In Washington and Alexandria, for instance, police also will have active presences for New Year's Eve.

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