Holly Acres recovery continues nearly a year after Tropical Storm Lee

For Martin Garcia, Labor Day means more time to work repairing his Holly Acres trailer home in Woodbridge, Va. He said from February until now, he’s been working every day.

And now he's putting on the finishing touches, bleaching, vacuuming and making sure there's no mold in the walls.

He hopes one day soon he’ll be able to reclaim his home for the sake of his three children.

“That's the only thing I have to live (for) - that's for my kids,” he says. “They need some place to live.”

Many of the condemned trailer homes that were once on the lot have been demolished. The surrounding homes are still deemed unsafe to occupy but the county has allowed some of the homeowners to restore their homes.

On Tuesday, county inspectors are scheduled to visit some of the trailer homes to determine whether they're safe for these families to move back into nearly a year after they were displaced by Tropical Storm Lee.

A helping hand from local volunteers with Project Mend-A-House has helped ease the process for those most in need.

Garcia says help or no help, he's confident he'll have a home again soon.

“I'm hoping in another month or two we're going to be back in the house so it's good,” he says.

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