WATCH: Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan delivers State of the State speech; Democrats respond

Gov. Hogan delivers State of the State speech. (ABC7)

As a Republican seeking re-election in a Democratic majority state, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan spent much of his State of the State speech Wednesday preaching bipartisanship.

“One need only look to Washington to see the destruction that is caused when hyper-partisanship and inflammatory rhetoric permeate the debate and erode our faith in the institutions of government.,” Hogan said.

Seeking distance from Washington was a secondary theme, as when discussing his plan for tax relief for those hurt by the federal tax overhaul.

“We may not be able to control what they do in Washington, but we certainly can come together in Annapolis,” Hogan said.

Spelling out his legislative agenda, the Governor, focused on jobs, education, crime, opiates, the environment, and transportation.

“We have nearly 1,000 projects totaling $9 billion currently under construction from one corner of the state to the other,” Hogan said.

The governor’s speech is the first act in the drama that played out in the State House Wednesday. The second act is those who want to react and make sure they’re heard.

Three Democratic candidates for governor offered their assessments of the speech.

“It was long on identifying problems and, as usual, short on solutions,” said Sen. Richard Madaleno of Montgomery County.

“I didn’t hear any of the policies come out that match with the dollars we need back home to make people’s lives better,” said Rushern Baker, Prince George’s County Executive.

“I think he governor is good at pointing fingers but not really providing solutions,” said Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County Executive.

The speech was brief, at about 17 minutes, among the shortest in recent memory.

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