Heated exchange at Prince George's County animal hospital caught on camera

Heated exchange at Prince George's County animal hospital caught on camera (Video screenshot courtesy of Michael Walsh)

A Prince George’s County animal hospital is getting threats because its employee was caught yelling at a customer in a video that has gone viral.

The manager could be heard in the video saying, “I got somebody who just posted a review on Yelp that said because you were in here, they are going somewhere else! You piece of crap!”

The customer also recorded the officer manager saying, “You’re costing me freaking money! I will tear it out of your *ss!”

“He should not have screamed,” said Dr. Pervaiz Manzoor, of the Brentwood Animal Hospital. Manzoor suspended the office manager, but he also said there is more to the incident than what was captured on the video.

The customer brought in a therapy dog that swallowed a chicken bone. Manzoor said the customer checked “care credit” on the form, but did not have a care credit card and refused to fully pay for x-rays.

The customer, Michael Walsh, told ABC7 News on Monday he thought care credit was a payment plan and he did not know he needed to pay any money that first day.

“Misunderstanding. I handed in the sheet and asked, ‘Is all this information okay for you?’ They said, ‘Yes. This is fine. Take a seat,” said Walsh. “The whole situation is unfortunate. [The office manager’s] behavior is definitely uncalled for.”

Manzoor admits his office manager should not have overreacted.

“I told him take off, cool down, let me handle this situation my way,” said Manzoor. Manzoor also says there is no reason he should be getting threats from people who watched the video without knowing the full story.

The animal hospital worked out a plan for Walsh to pay by November 1. If he does not, the animal hospital could sue him in civil court.

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