Source: Hate group to be provided 3 private Metro rail cars ahead of Unite the Right rally

Metro's SafeTrack plan will add some additional weekend shutdowns and some of the program's surge schedules will be adjusted, General Manager Paul Wiedefeld announced Tuesday. (ABC7)

Sources told members of Metro's largest union that a Ku Klux Klan-affiliated hate group will receive special accommodations following the "Unite the Right" rally in Washington, D.C.

The sources shared with ATU Local 689 that the hate group will be provided with three private Metro rail cars and a police escort that will allegedly stop at the Foggy Bottom Metro Station on August 11 and 12. From there, sources say the group will march through the streets of D.C. before arriving at Lafayette Park for the rally.

ATU Local 689 members say they "have been informed and are encouraged to follow safety protocol in the presence of this hate group if the rumored special accommodations General Manager Paul Wiedefeld plans to give are true."

Union president Jackie Jeter released the following statement regarding the information:

“Local 689 is proud to provide transit to everyone for the many events we have in D.C. including the March of Life, the Women’s March and Black Lives Matters. We draw the line at giving special accommodation to hate groups and hate speech, especially considering that the courts granted Metro the ability to deny ads on buses and trains that are ‘issue-oriented,’ we find it hypocritical for Mr. Wiedefeld to make these unprecedented special accommodations for a hate group.”

Metro released the following statement to ABC7 News Friday evening in relation to the allegations:

"As we do for all events of this nature, Metro is working collaboratively with law enforcement to ensure safe travel for our customers and employees. Transit Police are engaged in ongoing discussions with MPD, the lead agency for the Aug. 12 event, as well as Virginia State Police and others as to how to keep everyone safe on that day. While details of the plan are security sensitive at this stage, I can tell you that it has *not* been finalized."

ATU Local 689 says more than 80 percent of their members are people of color.

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