Harris' Heroes: Most Valuable Kids works to inspire youth with new experiences

Most Valuable Kids works to inspire youth with new experiences (ABC7)

At National Harbor, the Universoul Circus is about to start, and for one group of youngsters getting tickets to the show has a special meaning.

The youth from elementary and high schools in the District all got tickets thanks to the nonprofit organization “Most Valuable Kids,” or MVK for short.

Businessman Daryle Bobb founded MVK in 2002.

“Ever since I can remember, I used to go to every Redskins game with my dad,” says the Rockville father. Sometimes they would have an extra ticket recalls Bobb. “My dad found a kid who was dying to get into the stadium. He went to hand him the ticket and the kid started to take off.” Bobb explains the boy wanted to sell the ticket but instead his father had the boy sit with them for the entire game.

That made an impression on Bobb, and when he started taking his children to games, he began to notice all the open seats and saw potential.

MVK distributes those unused sports and events tickets to children from low-income families as a reward for good grades and behavior.

“They work harder because they feel committed to achieving because someone’s invested in them,” says Board Member Janine Rosen.

In many cases, it’s life-changing.

“I’m seeing people like from different parts of the world, do things that I’ve never seen done before, and knowing that I’m gonna do something in life, something creative, something big is like motivating,” says Jessica Amaya, 15, who earned her ticket for working hard at a summer program at Columbia Heights Educational Campus.

The hope is that the youth take away an important message from the experience.

“If they put their mind to it, they can really live their dream,” says Bobb.

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