Hagerstown speed camera refund tops $54,0000

A speed camera in Hagerstown. (Photo: Brad Bell)

Drivers around Hagerstown say it's a no-brainer.

It was a motorist challenging three tickets he got in one month from a speed camera on Northern Avenue and the judge hearing the case who uncovered the problem. Breckford, the contractor which runs the Hagerstown speed control system, had not independently calibrated the camera as is required every year.

Police looked into it and found two more cameras with expired certifications.

So if you paid one of the 808 tickets issued in January, you're getting your $40 back.

“They'll receive a refund in about 15 business days and should receive a notice this week beginning of next week,” says Chief Mark Holtzman of the Hagerstown Police.

The contractor, Breckford of Hanover, Md., will cover the $27,000 loss to the city. It is the same company which operated cameras ABC7 recently exposed as illegal in the town of Fairmount Heights. But Hagerstown's chief says aside from this clerical error, his cameras are accurate.

“We have found no errors with equipment,” Holtzman says.

He also points out drivers are well warned to slow down in the enforced school zones.

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