Ben Jealous reverses stance on reporter blocked from debate

(Photo: AP Images)

A gubernatorial candidate in Maryland who vetoed a reporter from being a panelist at his sole debate with Gov. Larry Hogan has reversed his stance, blaming Hogan's campaign.

News outlets report a Tuesday statement by Democratic nominee Ben Jealous' campaign says debate negotiations with Hogan's campaign led Tamela Baker of The Hagerstown Herald-Mail to be excluded.

The statement by a Jealous senior adviser, Kevin Harris, says the panel selection process was limited by Hogan's campaign's refusal to attend additional debates.

Hogan spokesman Doug Mayer says the statement is a "completely illogical mess" that attempts to dodge accountability. Herald-Mail Executive Editor Jake Womer says Jealous' campaign hasn't explained why it vetoed Baker.

The reversal follows The Baltimore Sun announcing its reconsideration of taking part in the panel at the Monday debate.

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