Group uses Washington Auto Show to teach kids STEM

Group uses Washington Auto Show to teach kids STEM. (ABC7)

“Who does want to go first?” asked Wole Idowu, the CTO of Toyz Electronics, to a small group of students.

On Thursday, Idowu and his father, Damola Idowu, had a station set up in the middle of the convention center at the Washington Auto Show. Tables with virtual reality equipment, computers, and a television were set up and organized into different stations. They transformed the area into a learning center, of sorts.

“They’re just given that opportunity and that’s all they need and all of a sudden they are into it,” Idowu said, of teaching kids math and science.

Wole and Damola Idowu are with Toyz Electronics. Wole Idowu says his father helped him to embrace math and science at an early age. Now, the two are passing along that same ambition to kids in grades second through fifth at Washington Yo Ying Public Charter School. On Thursday, they focused on teaching the students STEM.

“Those boxes that you see around are called objects,” Wole Idowu explained to a student who had a virtual reality headset on.

The group is putting learning into overdrive at the Washington Auto Show, which opens to the public on Friday.

“You see a virtual simulator and then you go see the real, live car on the floor. And it’s a better way to engage them with automobiles,” Damola Idowu said.

“Any kid is going to be excited about a car that has Star Wars features, right? said Kenya Davis, a parent who had two children at the event on Thursday. "But to learn that, you know, here’s how the engine works, here’s the fuel efficiency for that car, here’s what this car is going to be able to do in terms of performance that’s different from the car before it.

"Those are all things that they are going to learn here today and that they are learning with this group that they wouldn’t know if they didn’t get a chance to get deep into the subject."

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