Group forms to save Loudoun County's historic gravel roads from being paved over

UNITED STATES -Oct. 22, 2018: The old Featherbed Lane Road near the village of Taylorstown in Loudoun County Virginia. (Photo By Douglas Graham/WLP)

ABC7 News is working on a powerful story about new efforts underway to prevent old gravel roads in Loudoun County from being paved.

America's Routes recently partnered with Mosby Heritage Area Association to educate the public and policy makers about the history that unfolded on these byways over the last couple hundred years.

Members of this group hope that educational process will convince county leaders to preserve the network of gravel roads as much as possible as Loudoun County continues to expand and thrive.

This network of roads, home to historic stone walls, churches, stores and Civil War battles, has gone from 500 miles down to about 250 miles today.

You can catch a preview of our story above.

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