Got mail? The answer is 'sorta' for some Virginia residents

Got mail The answer is 'not really' for some Virginia residents (ABC7).

More than a week after the snow started falling, some people in northern Virginia are still paying the price.

"We haven't received full mail service since the Friday before it started snowing," explained Douglas Park resident, Deneise Boyd.

Boyd says her neighborhood started shoveling early, and even with clear roads they're still waiting for consistent mail delivery.

"I was a bit frustrated, but I wasn't worried," said Sharon Grazier, a Douglas Park resident. "Then when Friday came and then Saturday and no mail and then yesterday and, again, no mail."

It's an issue spanning delivery routes.

"Most of dug out our mailboxes to make sure the mailman can get through there and then we haven't received anything," said Candace Thompson, an Alexandria resident.

USPS says they have a lot of delays from the storm and are working "around the clock" to make up for lost time. They're asking customers to call their local post office if they are having issues.

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