Girl sexually assaulted on a Fairfax County school bus

Girl sexually assaulted on a Fairfax County school bus (ABC7 photo)

A teenage girl was grabbed and sexually assaulted on a school bus in Fairfax County, as she begged her attackers to stop. This all happened on Nov. 16, 2015.

Now, questions arise about why the incident didn't come to light until now.

A search warrant details a horrific sexual assault against a 12-year-old girl at the hands of two 12-year-old male classmates, both now charged with sexual battery. The incident happened at Glasgow Middle School in Lincolnia, as students were loading on to a late bus just before 5 o'clock. Police said that at the time the driver was not on the bus.

According to authorities, as the girl was walking to the back of the bus one of the boys slapped her on the buttocks, then repeatedly grabbed the girl inappropriately throughout a period of 10-12 minutes. The victim told police the boy held her down and straddled her even as she continued to yell 'stop'. She said another male student held her feet down as the first boy laid on top of her, trying to force her head into his crotch.

A witness to the incident told her mother, who then reported the assault to school officials. On Monday, Glasgow principal Shawn DeRose sent a letter to parents, saying an investigation began immediately after the assault was reported, "As soon as the allegations were made, the students involved were removed - and remain removed - from all classes and also had their bus privileges revoked."

According to the search warrant, Fairfax Police reviewed surveillance video from the bus that clearly showed the inappropriate grabbing happening for more than 10 minutes. Police said the two boys were not arrested but rather diverted, which means they were subjected to counseling.

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