USPS loses dozens of local student's ACT tests, forcing them to retake it

Students may have to re-take ACT tests after mail mishap. (WJLA/ Jay Korff)

Dozens of college entrance test answer sheets sent through the U.S. mail system are now missing, and area high school students and their parents are scrambling.

The ACT is considered a key measurement of knowledge for college bound students. So you can imagine how frustrated students and parents are after finding out this week that dozens of exam answer sheets were lost in the mail.

Brian Klam's daughter, a senior at Annapolis High School, was among nearly 300 students who took the academically grueling test last month at Southern High School in Anne Arundel County.

"It's a very big part of her college application. And they didn't arrive and didn't arrive, and she called me to say hey I just found out why they didn't arrive. I just got an email that said they lost them, " says Klam.

ACT spokesperson Ed Colby tells ABC7 News the completed answer sheets were mailed via the U.S. Postal Service, not the normal method via Federal Express. Colby says when the answer sheets arrived at ACT offices in Iowa one of the packages came with an apology note from the postal service. He says one of the packages had been damaged in transit and in the process 88 answer sheets were missing. Colby says it's unlikely they'll be found.

Klam tells us he was surprised test results aren't transferred electronically. "It never occurred to me that they would just stick them in the mail," says Klam.

One of those answer sheets belonged to Klam's daughter who now has to retake the exam, which she spent months preparing for. This delay also means some students won't be able to get their results to universities by a Nov. 1 admission's deadline.

ACT's spokesperson tells me those 88 students whose answer sheets were lost will be reimbursed for the cost of the first test and can take the next test for free in late October.

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