Jasper Spires, man charged in fatal Metro stabbing, returns to court smiling and giggling

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJLA) - At times, he seems to be paying attention, other times he appears to be grinning, giggling and even laughing.

Jasper Spires, the man accused of stabbing and killing a Metro rider over the  Independence Day Weekend, appeared in court Friday. He's charged with felony murder in the death of 24-year-old Kevin Sutherland. 

18-year-old Spires sat in court today as Police Detective Gabriel Truby and Prosecutors recounted the events of July 4th with Metro surveillance video of a man they say is Spires.

In the video, you see him get on the Red Line train at Rhode Island Metro at 12:45 p.m. after putting on a pair of gloves.

Three minutes later, you see him get off at the next station, Noma Galludet, allegedly having stabbed to death Sutherland, an American University student, and robbed two other people.

Also in the video, you see Spires running and apparently dropping the murder knife in a trash can as he fled from the Noma station, police say.

In court, Spires attorney argued a witness picked someone else out of a photo lineup, not Spires.

But Judge Robert Morin noted DNA was found on his pants in addition to Spires' health card, which was found at the Noma station.

Spires was arrested two days before the murder for another incident on Wisconsin Ave., in which he allegedly threatened a man with a wine bottle. According to police, Spires kicked them as he was being arrested.

Video surveillance shows Spires at the Second Police District station on July 4th at 6.a.m, retrieving a bag containing his belongings. Then six hours later, Prosecutors say he is on another surveillance camera boarding a train to kill and rob.

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