Police: Gaithersburg landlord rapes, impregnates tenant, confesses to fathering child

Gustavo Sanches. (Photo, Montgomery Police)

GAITHERSBURG, Md. (ABC7) — A landlord raped his female tenant without a condom, a decision that led to the woman becoming pregnant, Montgomery County Police allege in court documents obtained by ABC7.

Late last month, authorities charged Gustavo Sanches, 35, of Gaithersburg, with second-degree rape, first-degree assault and second-degree assault.

In June 2017, the victim rented a bedroom within Sanches' apartment located along North Summit Avenue in Gaithersburg. One evening the victim exited the bathroom and found Sanches in her bedroom demanding sex.

"Sanches told her it was his apartment and he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her," police wrote in court documents. "He pushed her onto the bed... Sanches was able to remove her underwear."

Investigators detailed a rape that caused the victim to cry out in pain and later bleed in the bathroom.

"When he was done, he apologized for ejaculating inside of her," police added.

The victim moved out of her rented room within days of the rape. Approximately two months later, in August 2017, she learned she was pregnant. The victim told investigators that she did not have sexual intercourse with anyone prior to being raped.

Dismayed by the entire situation, the victim opted to have an abortion. She explained how Sanches initially promised to help subsidize the costly medical procedure, but never followed through on his word.

Investigators established a phone sting, during which the victim called Sanches to "talk about the situation." Sanches did not argue with the assertion that he had fathered the aborted child.

Police did not explain why it took nearly 16 months for criminal charges to be filed. However, delayed reporting of sexual assault is commonplace for a variety of reasons including shame and fear of retaliation.

According to court documents, Sanches is a native of Honduras. He works as an electrician, has three children and was living with his girlfriend at the time of his arrest.

Sanches faces one life sentence, plus an additional 30 years in prison. He remains in custody on a no-bond status. An email to his defense attorney, Jonathan Bloom, was not returned.

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