Future of D.C. United stadium sits in hands of City Council

(WJLA) - The proposed D.C. United stadium would be a state-of-the-art, 25,000 seat stadium, and would sit within walking distance of Nationals Park on this site near the water –adjacent to Fort McNair Army Base in Buzzards Point.

"I think it's a good thing. It's close to here and I like soccer," says Billy Asfaw.

But for many who live in the neighborhood that surrounds the D.C. United stadium site, one stadium in their backyard – Nats Park – is more than enough.

"Right now they don't have stores here to buy clothes or nothing, shoes or nothing, no barbershop. I would rather see them build that," says Roosevelt Davis.

"Anybody looking at this should say, 'How much it going to cost the city and is it going to be an advantage to the city?' It is not," says David Allen.

If approved, the stadium won’t come cheap. It’s a $300 million project, and the cost will be evenly split between the city and D.C. United. The city would be responsible for acquiring the land, and the team would actually build the stadium.

Part of the deal is linked to a complex land swap between the D.C. government and the developer that owns much of the site. But still, residents we talked with had mixed feelings about spending any taxpayer money on a new stadium.

"The taxpayers don't have to handle the bulk of what has to be paid out for the stadium -- it's a great idea," says Ron Drummond.

"I want soccer to grow in this country...I like it, but I do have a hesitation because it is taxpayer money," counters Adam Christopher.

The stadium is slated to be ready for the opening of the 2016 soccer season, but right now, the deal is in the hands of the D.C. City Council.