Fundraiser held for Las Vegas shooting victim from Maryland

Fundraiser held for Las Vegas shooting victim from Maryland (Family Photo)

While Tina Frost is fighting for her health to improve in a Las Vegas hospital, the 27 year old’s friends are fundraising for her recovery.

The former Arundel High School student was shot in the October 1 shooting that killed 59 people and injured nearly 600 others at a country concert along the Vegas Strip.

“She just went to a concert. It’s hard to wrap my brain around it,” said Tina’s grandmother, Carlene Printy.

“When they said she got shot, I was like, ‘I’m sure is fine. She will be fine,’ but then they said she was in a coma and not breathing,” said Tina’s cousin Randi Moreland.

Tina lost her right eye and is still not fully alert, but she has been able to breathe on her own for a few hours.

“She is the kindest, best person. And I know people always say that about people, but really, there is no one nicer than Tina,” said Moreland.

On Thursday, friends and family packed The Hideaway restaurant in Odenton to buy “Tina t-shirts” and “Tina wristbands.”

Twenty percent of all food and beverage purchases also went to Tina’s recovery.

Thousands of dollars were raised, which adds to the more than $500,000 raised on Tina’s GoFundMe page.

“It’s an awesome community,” said Printy.

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