FTA blames 'broken fasteners' on Metro's Green Line for area homes vibrating

FTA blames 'broken fasteners' on Metro's Green Line for area homes vibrating. (ABC7)

Some District residents have been complaining about their houses shaking and they say it's because of Metro's Green Line.

And now, as ABC7’s Q McCray explains, those homeowners have received some support for their claims.

A newly released Federal Transit Administration report helps prove their problem. It inspected the Green Line and found broken fasteners "designed to reduce the magnitude of vibrations transferred to the tunnel structure and the environment above."

The "environment above" includes many of the homes in the area.

According to the report, "The use of the 7000-series rail car trains which weigh significantly more than the previous series rail cars and the location adjacent to a station in which trains are applying additional force by braking or accelerating could be contributing factors."

Now homeowners want to know one thing: “When will it be fixed?”

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