Frustration grows over D.C. streetcar delays and towing


For more than two years, residents and workers along H-Street and Benning Road, N.E., have watched as streetcars rolled up and down the two-mile track, but have yet to see it start picking up passengers. Some people were angry, others laughed, but just about everybody asked why a system that had cost some $200-million taxpayer dollars was not up and running?

When asked about the streetcars at a school appearance, Mayor Muriel Bowser said it will be running when it passes all safety inspections. The audience started laughing. She seemed to find it humorous, too.

But people on H St. did't think it was too funny. Some questioned when it would open, others said the city should just get rid of it altogether.

In addition, cars and delivery trucks frequently block the streetcar's path by parking along the side of the street. The city has two tow trucks that move up and down the street day and night, towing parked vehicles out of the streetcar's path and slapping the vehicle owners with $200 tickets.

One woman who had taken her elderly mother to a credit union could be seen chasing a tow truck as it pulled her car west on H St. Luckily she was able to get the tow driver to stop and release her car without a ticket. Perhaps, because ABC7's camera was there.

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