Friendly-looking robots named 'Marty' coming soon to Giant Food


The company that owns grocery store chains Giant, Martin's and Stop & Shop announced Monday that they would be introducing robot "employees" to nearly 500 of its stores.

The robot is referred to as Marty. One of its jobs will be to identify hazards like liquid and powder spills, freeing up store employees "to spend more time serving customers," a press release said.

Giant Food, a popular grocery chain in the DMV area, will have Marty robots introduced in a months-long rollout over the first half of 2019.

Marty is designed to be friendly-looking: it is a tall, slow-moving gray machine with big googly eyes and purple lights. It has already performed successfully in a pilot program in Pennsylvania, according to Giant's parent company Ahold Delhaize.

“We are excited to be part of this industry-leading rollout of fully autonomous robots that collect safety data while traversing retail stores,” said Frederic McCoy, senior vice president of Jabil Retail, the company that produced Marty. “Real-time hazard alerts empower stores to resolve incidents like spills, as well as improve operations.”

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