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Frederick County food truck confirms it can 'refuse service' to police officers in uniform

Pizza Llama's controversial Facebook post has been shared 10,000 times. It has also attracted 10,000 comments. (Photo: Facebook)
Pizza Llama's controversial Facebook post has been shared 10,000 times. It has also attracted 10,000 comments. (Photo: Facebook)
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Pizza Llama, a food truck in Frederick County, has stoked deep emotions after publicly stating that it can deny service to law enforcement officers in uniform.

On June 8, the small business posted to its Facebook page, writing: "Pizza Llama reserves the right to refuse service to police officers in uniform. The comfort, safety, and well-being of our community (staff and customers) is our priority. Every one [sic] is welcome to enjoy Pizza Llama, just not in a police uniform."

The post set off a firestorm of social media activity: 14,000 reactions, 10,000 comments, and 10,000 shares. A slight majority of the reactions, 54 percent, were the so-called angry face. Many commenters wished ill will on the business and asked if it would still call 911 in the case of an armed robbery. Meanwhile, others applauded the owner for taking a bold stance in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Days earlier, the Mount Airy Farmers' Market confirmed it had "dismissed" Pizza Llama from the weekly, outdoor gathering located near the town's historic train station.

"The Mount Airy Main Street Farmers' Market and its vendors must put politics aside and serve all customers for the success of the market and the community it serves," organizers wrote in a June 4 Facebook post. "We regret this decision had to be taken and wish everyone peace during these turbulent times."

On June 24, the Frederick County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook that Fireside Pizza & Catering drove its food truck to police headquarters and served up free pies to officers for several hours. The post included several photos of cops, all in uniform, smiling beside the truck. Fireside Pizza & Catering provided pizza to county deputies, city officers, and state troopers.

"They also left several whole pizzas behind for incoming shifts that missed the truck," the sheriff's office wrote about the Hagerstown-based business. "The pizza was hot and delicious and enjoyed by all!"


In 2013, Pizza Llama's owner, Andrew Wilkinson, was working as a "pizza chef" for a music and art showcase in Baltimore, the food truck's website states. Wilkinson spent the next few years "researching, studying, and testing" his culinary skills, and ultimately launched Pizza Llama in 2016. In the four years since, the food truck has roamed around Maryland, serving people at festivals, wineries, farmers' markets, and the like.

"The story of PIZZA LLAMA will continue as our journey expands, grows and changes," Wilkinson wrote on the food truck's website. "The path to a perfect pizza is a never-ending service to one’s self and their fellow humans."

The "Contact Us" tab on Pizza Llama's website currently returns an error message. 7 On Your Side did send a message seeking comment via the "Find The Llama" tab, but did not immediately hear back.


According to Maryland Judiciary Case Search, in 2013, Frederick County authorities arrested and charged Wilkinson with possession of marijuana and possession with the intent to distribute marijuana. The then 23-year-old Frederick resident later pleaded guilty, and had to forfeit $92,861 to the federal government, The Frederick News-Post reported at the time.

That July 2013 news article noted that police used a wiretap and undercover cops to nab Wilkinson and managed to confiscate "26 pounds of high-grade marijuana."

“This was a huge operation,” Judge G. Edward Dwyer Jr. is quoted in the article as saying during Wilkinson's plea hearing. “What did you tell your parents?”

“This is something that basically got out of control for him,” Wilkinson's attorney, David Harbin, replied to the judge.

In August 2013, a judge sentenced Wilkinson to 18 months in jail, plus three years of supervised probation upon his release, court records show.


"Dress code approved. Hope to eat your pizza soon." — Ashley Broom Lynn

"If I lived nearby, I'd absolutely eat here. Love what you stand for!!" — Calandra Stevens

"I applaud you. When I come back to Maryland next week, you guys will be my first stop!" — Sharnese Hall

"Love your stance and firmness on this! Let me know where you guys are next bc I need some of your mushroom pizza in my life asap." — Vallen Marie

"I love this. I totally stand by you and if you're interested in expanding you'd definitely be welcome in Denver. Such a great amazing company." — Querelle Saoi

"We all applaud you for staying strong in your beliefs even when there are those who try to derail you for your efforts to support BLM. Thank you!" — Lexi McAllister

"Certainly stirred up a ton of free publicity. Capitalism at its best! Love your approach. Any publicity is good publicity!! Cheers!! I am curious, does your truck have an actual brick oven? That's also pretty innovative. Free country, and well played. Cheers!" — Patrick McCarthy


"May your doors close forever!" — Becky Rogers Berry

"I'm usually a champion for small business but in your case... I hope you go bankrupt." — Billy Baker

"Hope your business tanks - wanna end discrimination but yet you wanna discriminate." — Eric Duwayne

"What will you do when you guys have a situation where you are (God forbid) getting robbed or have a dangerous situation?" — Melisha Patrice

"Never heard of your establishment before, but thank you for putting that out there so I can NEVER visit your place by mistake." — Lourdes Avila Lawrence

"You are bigoted jerks. How dare you lump all people in a profession as bad. You're just as bad as white people lumping all Black people as bad. SHAME ON YOU." — Barbara Rose

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"So, you're going to pander to the 2% of the population and alienate the other 98%? Let's just see how fast we can go out of business. You guy can't take back stuff you say like this. There's no do overs in radical public statements." — Chris Justice

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