All-clear given at Francis C. Hammond MS after evacuation for social media threat

Students at Francis C. Hammond Middle School were evacuated Thursday morning because of a threat, officials say. (Photo: ABC7)

Alexandria Police have given an all-clear signal at Francis C. Hammond Middle School following an evacuation Thursday morning due to a social media threat.

Students at Francis C. Hammond Middle School were evacuated and transported on buses to T.C. Williams High School where they remained until Hammond was swept and cleared by investigators.

Alexandria City Public Schools said all students had lunch at T.C. Williams, and officials were aware that students left the middle school without their belongings and would need to collect the items. Officials were hopeful to clear the middle school quickly with a goal to resume classes later Thursday.

Students that arrived from Hammond by bus were scheduled to be dismissed from T.C. Williams once all students arrived safely and were accounted for.

Alexandria Public Schools said earlier they were unsure if the threat was credible but was being treated as such.

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