Former DOT inspector general surprised by Reagan National Airport security vulnerabilities


A former Department of Transportation inspector general was surprised by the poor quality of security cameras at Reagan National Airport.

Mary Schiavo, who represented the majority of families of the passengers on the United flight from Dulles International Airport that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, said she was shocked to learn Reagan National Airport still doesn’t have facial recognition cameras.

Schiavo's reaction came after an Amber Alert that was recently issued after a 12-year-old girl apparently was abducted at the airport exposed blurry surveillance footage that was unable to capture a clear image of faces and the license plate for the car that had been sought.

Surveillance video of the five hijackers passing through security at Dulles on 9/11 was about the same quality as what was shown at Reagan when it was feared that 12-year-old JinJing Ma had been abducted.

On Thursday, ABC7 obtained exclusively a 2017 report written by MWAA internal safety expert Dan Brown that warned about numerous security and safety issues at both Reagan and Dulles airports.

ABC7 transportation reporter Sam Sweeney has more in the video above.

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