For sale: Georgetown home where JFK met Jackie

For sale: Georgetown home where JFK met Jackie (ABC7)

The Georgetown home where John F. Kennedy met Jacqueline Bouvier is up for sale, hitting the market on Thursday. And it can be yours for just $1,725,000.

At nearly 2,000 square feet, this three-bedroom, 2.5-bath Georgetown townhouse is not quite a castle. But it's where Camelot came alive, the scene of a 1951 dinner party where JFK first laid eyes on Jackie.

“And about two years later they got married,” TTR Sotheby's Sales Associate Ben Snider said.

Built in 1895, the home was later expanded to the property next door and updated. Just listed, there have already been several showings and inquiries from around the world.

“It's been pretty crazy. A lot crazier than I expected actually,” TTR Sotheby's Sales Associate Jessica Brosey said.

Many of the home's design details, including the hardwood floors, crown molding and door knobs, are all original.

“We do think this is going to go fast. We do think that it could be multiple offers because we have a lot of people circling,” Brosey said.

The listing agent of 3419 Q Street, NW, has displayed a copy of a letter, authenticating the home's historic legacy, signed by Jackie's assistant, Nancy Tuckerman.

According to Edward Klein's book "All Too Human,” the dinner party guests sipped cocktails on the back patio before moving inside for chicken casserole and a game of charades.

Journalist Charles Bartlett and his wife Martha hosted the party, orchestrating what would become one of the most successful blind dates in American history.

“Jackie may have had a crush on Mr. Bartlett and I think Mrs. Bartlett wanted to get her in touch with the young Congressman from Massachusetts,” Snider said.

Prospective buyers can get a look inside during an open house on Sunday. That's assuming an offer on the home is not accepted first.

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