Flood destroys Woodbridge businesses, mobile homes

A flash flood wiped out dozens of trailers at the Holly Acres Marumsco mobile home parks in Woodbridge Thursday, leaving hundreds of people homeless. Within minutes, the community became a wasteland. Now people are digging out, salvaging what they can and wondering where they will go.

“It was a major disaster what took place back there. The water was over 20 feet high back there,” said Stanley Joseph.

Yards are filled with toys, shoes and a suitcase tossed around by the water.

“All of our memories pictures, anything, you name it, it's all gone,” said Oscar Avalos who is now displaced.

Some residents returned to homes fouled from the flood. They looked through mildewed and muddied possessions in hopes of finding something they can salvage.

“It's a mess, it's a like a tornado hit it,” said Jackie Kelly.

When the Marumsco Creek jumped its banks Thursday night it decimated the heart of the mobile home park. All homes except a few on higher ground are condemned.

The waters swallowed several businesses along Route 1. At Jahan Burney’s auto repair store, all the equipment went underwater.

“It's a total loss,” Burney said.

The Red Cross set up a shelter at a nearby recreational center. More than 150 people are sleeping here, including many small children. They can only stay until Friday.

“It's a question mark as to where they will go after this,” Jeanne Finestone of the Red Cross said.

Rosa Cervantes doesn’t know where she will go. “My place is gone. I don't have clothing. I don't have nothing,” she said.

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