Torrential rains flood cars during Dave Matthews Band concert at Jiffy Lube Live

Courtesy of Kristen Gardner

Torrential rains compounded by a clogged drainage pipe caused between 20 and 30 vehicles to flood during the Dave Matthews Band concert at Jiffy Lube Live, Prince William County Fire and Rescue said.

The strong Saturday evening storm system greatly delayed the start of the summer mainstay concert. Individuals already inside of the outdoor amphitheater were ordered to shelter in place. Ticket holders arriving a bit later were told to seek shelter in their vehicles.

"After the leaving the already delayed show we were instructed that we would need to walk a mile on an unlit road with outgoing concert road traffic speeding by in order to make it to the local 7-Eleven where a Lyft driver could pick us up because the venue security had closed incoming road traffic," Michelle Giambruno wrote in a message to ABC7. "As a young vulnerable woman, I was disappointed that my safety was so blatantly disregarded. Along our mile walk we passed a woman crying of back pain, a young girl in a walking boot cast, and a woman walking barefoot. Patrons of Jiffy Lube Live deserve better."

For more than an hour, Dave Matthews Band fans, like Michelle Giambruno, waited to see if the concert would go on as planned, or ultimately, be canceled. Many grew increasingly frustrated. Some used social media to vent about an alleged lack of communication amid dangerous weather conditions.

"It's unacceptable to ask people to sit in their cars and wait in this drastic weather-cancel the show and give us rain checks," one person said on Twitter.

"Seriously. How have you not called the show? Your parking lot is legit flooded. Worst venue," another person wrote.

At some point during the storm, a grassy portion of the expansive parking area began to morph into a pool, partially submerging up to 30 vehicles. Fire officials stated in a tweet that a "blocked drainage outlet in [a] storm water management pond" was, in part, to blame. That "management pond" is immediately adjacent to the impacted area.

Prince William County officials launched a water emergency, relying on inflatable boats to search the parking lot and waterlogged vehicles for anyone trapped. No injuries were reported.

On Facebook and Twitter, a handful of individuals have argued that Jiffy Lube Live should pay to repair and/or replace all damaged vehicles. The concert venue says management is actively working with all impacted parties, but declined to get into specifics.

"Who is paying for the thirty plus cars that were flood damaged? I am so disappointed," one person wrote on Twitter.

"'Return to your cars?' You left out the, that are now half under water part," another individual chimed in.

According to Jiffy Lube Live, its parking lot has never flooded to the extent that it did Saturday evening. The venue also made clear that the drainage outlet was not blocked prior to the storm.

"It is really a function of the amount of water and debris that was swept down to the retention pond, in such a short time given the strength of the storm," a spokeswoman stated in writing. "The overflow happened because of the intensity of the storm, not because the overflow had been clogged."

Jiffy Lube Live explained it is aware of 19 damaged or immobile vehicles. Last night it worked with concertgoers to have impacted vehicles towed and arranged for "safe rides home." As of Sunday afternoon, five vehicles remained in what is now a muddy-grassy field. Watermarks were visible on at least three of those cars.

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