Michelle Davis-Younger becomes first black woman elected to Manassas City Council

Michelle Davis-Younger (Family Photo)

Ernest and Shirley Davis were born in Manassas, Virginia, and grew up in the 1940’s and have never left.

Now, they both are living historical guides to this city dating back 80 years ago.

“We would go to Coke’s Pharmacy but we had to go and get our ice cream and stand out on the street or take it in the car. Other children could sit at the counter and eat but we couldn’t do that,” said Shirley Davis.

Ernest and Shirley had children, including Michelle Davis-Younger, who on January 2 will be the first African-American woman to be named to the Manassas City Council.

“I often tell people they were in Manassas before Manassas was Manassas,” said Manassas City Councilmember-Elect Michelle Davis-Younger.

Michelle grew up with parents who both were dedicated to a church and witnesses to a cultural change in the city.

“It wasn’t a smooth road,” added Ernest Davis.

Shirley was a clerk at a church and Ernest a minister.

“I had to go around the parking lot and go to a hole in the wall about the size of that television to ask for sandwich and they would fix the sandwich and poke it thru the hole and take my money. Put it in the same cash register but I couldn’t stand on that lot and eat that sandwich,” said Ernest.

Ernest will be holding the Bible that Michelle will place her hand on during her swearing in ceremony as she begins her journey at making history in Manassas.

“I’m just happy she took this job on because its been coming a long time and I never thought my child would be doing it,” said Shirley Davis.

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