First 2018 DC-area babies arrive shortly after midnight

Diana Phillips with her new son, Dima Jonathan Phillips. (ABC7)

At 3:21, Dima Jonathan Phillips made his mom and dad first-time parents, three hours and 21 minutes into the new year.

“We just kept looking in disbelief like I can’t believe you were in there the whole time and now we finally get to meet you,” said Diana Phillips, Dima’s mom.

It is a meeting they’ll always remember on New Year’s Day. He was 7 lbs. 8 oz. of good health.

On New Year’s Eve, they left the table set at home when dinner plans came to a sudden stop.

“No signs that he was going to make his debut and then all of a sudden the water broke,” said Phillips.

Her water broke right in the middle of watching Jurassic Park. If dinosaurs aren’t his thing, giraffes may be. A stuffed animal is a gift for the first baby born at Sibley Memorial Hospital in 2018.

“I feel every time I hold him the bond gets stronger,” said Tyler Phillips, Dima’s dad.

There’s a lot for his parents to share about both of his grandmothers watching his birth, alongside his dad.

And his name, Dima is after Diana’s dad and Jonathan after Tyler’s dad.

“We were in Romania when they talked to us and they told me that it’s going to be Dima and I was really excited and thankful to both of them,” said Dima Samata, Diana’s dad.

He’s one of the first babies born in the DC area in 2018. A baby girl was born at Adventist Shady Grove Medical Center in Rockville at 12:03. Rhys Atlas was born at 1:51 am at Holy Cross Hospital. His parents hope he becomes a world traveler.

Rhys and Dima will forever celebrate their birthdays with the world.

“I’m going to definitely tell him that everyone around the world will always be celebrating him every single year,” said Diana Phillips.

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year.

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