Father forgives neighbor who accidentally shot his 11-year-old son

Father forgives neighbor who accidentally shot his 11-year-old son. (Anna-Lysa Gayle/ABC7)

Earlier this month, Caleb Harry was rushed to the hospital when his neighbor’s gun accidentally went off in the 3000 block of Bellamy Way in Suitland.

He was left with a gunshot wound to the chest.

“In his case, he was trying to walk my son through how never to…what we call flag a person with a gun and it went wrong,” said Mark Harry.

Mark Harry credit’s his neighbor’s quick actions with saving his son’s life.

A neighbor, who like Mark Harry, is also an army veteran.

“He went in, looked for the exit wound,” said Mark Harry. “He pretty much put him in a pressure dressing and then wrapped him in a blanket and took him to Andrews.”

Mark says he and his son forgives the neighbor.

“My son told him he forgived him, he told he was sorry. He never expected that to happen,” said Mark Harry. “In life, if you stay angry, you never receive the blessings that you deserve.”

With Christmas around the corner, he says the gift of life is the most important one -- as his son improves each day.

He is now able to walk and he’s working on returning to his favorite sport, which is basketball.

“It would’ve been hard to sit Christmas morning and not open gifts with him,” said Mark Harry.

Mark Harry tells me that the neighbor who accidentally shot his son is a purple heart veteran.

Prince George’s County Police say the case is still under investigation and they are working with the State’s Attorney’s office to determine if any charges should be filed.

Caleb has a long road to recovery, as outlined in his parent’s GoFundMe page.

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