Family searching for answers after 19-year-old dies in police custody in Maryland

Anton Black (Photo: The Black Family)

GREENSBORO, Md. (ABC7) - Nineteen-year-old Anton Black died during an arrest in the small Eastern Shore town of Greensboro back in September. His family has been demanding answers ever since.

"We don’t have a cause of death... we haven’t been given one. We just know Anton died in police custody with his hands behind his back," Anton's sister Monique Sorrell told ABC7 News.

On Tuesday, Governor Larry Hogan said he too is disturbed.

Now, after five months, Greensboro Police Chief Mike Petyo allowed ABC7 to see the officer’s body camera footage Wednesday, but he did not release it for air.

Petyo said the encounter started after a caller claimed Anton Black had abducted a child.

In the body camera footage, the officer talks to Anton Black and he is seen taking off running. The officer finds Anton Black in a car, smashes the window and then shoots a taser through the car, but it doesn’t take effect. Anton Black then gets out of the car and runs up a ramp where there is a struggle between him and another officer. Then they all end up down on the ground.

As the struggle continues, the officer says Anton Black had smoked marijuana laced with something.

In the footage, Anton Black's mother, Jennell Black, can be heard saying her son had been diagnosed with “mania.” Then suddenly, Anton Black goes limp.

A use of force expert hired by a PR consultant for the Greensboro Police says he saw no excess force in the body camera footage.

Meanwhile, Anton Black’s family doesn’t buy it.

"They murdered my son in front of me," said Jennell Black.

"They chased that boy... and when they got him, they beat him. They lynched him. And they did it with their arms, not with rope, but they choked him to death," said Anton Black Sr. "Something needs to be done about it."

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