Family searches for Cricket, killed grandmother's missing dog

A deadly accident has turned into a desperate search after a beloved dog disappears. A family in northern Virginia is asking for your help searching for dog Cricket who vanished after cricket's owner crashed their vehicle on Sunday.

Charlotte Perry crashed into an RV head on U.S. 15 Sunday. The collision claimed the life of the 72-year-old. It also allowed her beloved dog to escape. Friends and family searched for cricket, and comfort.

“She's a big white dog so she would stand out in this wooded area,” said Perry’s Grandaughter Charlotte Robbins.

Robbins and friends plodded through the tall grasses of Haymarket, Va.

“We're hoping that by finding the dog we can start to move on a little bit,” Robbins said.

They even hired a dog tracker. “We're going to take the dog's bed that was in the crate in the accident, we're gonna go to the most current sighting point, and set Heidi up where she was and follow the footsteps out,” Anne Wills described her job as a dog tracker.

Friends said Cricket is a gentle, chipper great pyreness.

“It's hard to explain how much she means at this point,” Robbins said.

Perry’s daugher Mary Louise Rognlie said “she was a loving woman. She taught preschool.”

Grandaughter Robbins also has fond memories. “We had a lot in common. We share the same name, Charlotte, and we both worried a lot, and loved the color turquoise and mint chocolates,” she said.

The beloved canine represents not just a pet, but part of a woman that she loved.

“If anyone knows where she is or has her right now please, please let us know,” Robbins pleaded.

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