Families forced out of Northwest DC homes due to cracks in building

Families forced out of Northwest DC homes due to cracks in building (ABC7)

Julia Argueta, her neighbor Mamie Preston and their families are temporarily homeless.

“We live out of a suitcase in one room with our cat. No, it has not been fun,” said Preston.

The families were forced out of their 13th Street home in Northwest Washington after cracks started forming. The damage happened around the time workers were gutting the townhouse between Preston and Argueta.

“I don’t even want to imagine what my home looks like now,” said Argueta.

“To this day—there has not been a claim filed,” said Preston.

Both families said the owner has not been answering their questions. ABC7 called and e-mailed the owner, but so far we have not heard back.

“I would appreciate if he was a little more helpful,” said Argueta.

A spokesperson with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs said it is likely whoever was in charge of the construction site will face fines for violating district codes, but officials would not say what those violations are.

Meanwhile, the neighbors are left in limbo until they can get someone to fix the damage.

“The family home, where everybody would meet on the weekends to have fun is no longer there,” said Argueta.

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