Fairfax County neighborhood copes with no power, no heat in frigid cold temperatures

Residents without heat in Fairfax County neighborhood during frigid cold blast (ABC7)

Monday’s windy weather made one of the coldest days of the year even worse in some areas, as strong gusts took down trees, and knocked out power in parts of the DMV.

Barkley Drive in Fairfax was one of those areas, leaving neighbors with no power and no heat for much of the day.

“The tree came down and it took out the power lines,” homeowner Sean Rohan said. “We’ve been out since about 1 p.m. or 1:30 p.m. today. We’re just doing everything in our power to keep the heat in the house and keep jackets and socks on an everything.”

Rohan and many of his neighbors used their fireplaces to help heat their homes during the outage.

“It’s getting us by, definitely,” he said. “But since I got home at 4 o’clock, I guarantee the house as dropped 15 to 20 degrees inside.”

Rohan has two small kids at home, and said that if the power wasn’t back on by their bedtime, the family would opt to spend the night somewhere else rather than ride it out at home.

“We’re fortunate, we have a backup if we need to go to a family or friend’s house. We’re lucky enough to have them close so we can go do that. But we are hoping that any minute now we’re going to get power back,” he said.

A Dominion Energy spokesperson said extra crews were brought in to help respond to the scattered outages they saw as a result of trees brought down by Monday’s strong winds.

At about 9 p.m., the lights and heat finally came back on for neighbors on Barkley Drive.

“I like the winter time, but only when it snows,” Rohan said. “And if not, I want the warmer weather to come.”

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