Fairfax County police ticketing drivers who block intersections when stoplight changes


We learn the law long before we can reach the pedals.

Green means go, red means stop.

But some DMV drivers just don't get it, and what they do get is in the way.

"It creates gridlock,” Fairfax County Police Capt. Alan Hanson said.

Motorists try to make the traffic light, but instead try everyone's patience, bringing rush hour to a screeching halt.

"Number one, stay calm, be patient and also respect the lights at the intersection,” Hanson said.

Hanson says people complain every day about Fairfax County drivers blocking intersections.

So the police are kicking off a summer campaign to enforce the basic rule.

ABC7 watched the McLean district's traffic unit, patrol one of the most problematic intersections: Georgetown Pike and Balls Hill Road.

If money's any motivation, pesky drivers caught blocking the intersection could get a $30 ticket, plus another $67 for court costs.

"the more courteous everyone is and the more people respect the laws at this intersection, the smoother traffic will flow,” Hanson said.

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