Experts: No way to predict likelihood of copycat crimes after Las Vegas

Dr. Clinton Anderson, with the American Psychological Association, says there is no way to predict the likelihood of copycat crimes after Las Vegas. (ABC7)

Video taken during the tragedy in Las Vegas takes the viewer right to the horrifying scene.

“Clearly, I think that if people do things and they get a lot of media attention, then there are people certainly out there who may want that kind of attention,” said Dr. Clinton Anderson, with the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Anderson says as far as a copycat crime happening, there isn’t enough research or understanding to tell whether it’s likely or not.

“I don’t really think that we think the risk of committing violence is related to people observing other people doing violence so much as it is about things that are happening within them,” he said.

He says it’s hard to predict who will be violent.

Brad Garrett, former FBI Profiler and Consultant to ABC, says mass shooting are all planned out.

“The concern that could they up the ante and could somebody try to beat him from a numbers standpoint, unfortunately, that could well happen,” Garrett said.

Anderson says the focus should be on the availability and the safety of guns.

“So far, we don’t have any good indications that we know how to predict who would do something like that,” Anderson said.

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