Exclusive: 'Crazed' Brookeville, Md. killer had repeat access to PGPD Training Academy

Chris Snyder

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (ABC7) — The man who shot three people to death and caused a strained standoff in his Montgomery County neighborhood Monday had repeat access to the Prince George's County Police Department's Training Academy.

According to PGPD, Chris Snyder, 41, of Brookeville, Maryland, first met with training academy instructors during the summer of 2017. During that gathering, Snyder taught them an innovative "non-lethal maneuver" that could bring a suspect to the ground without the use of a weapon.

The training and education division was so impressed with Snyder's skill set, it invited him back to observe in-service training on multiple occasions. PGPD says Snyder had been to the secure facility approximately five times in 2018 alone. The academy is located within a professional office building at 8905 Presidential Parkway in Upper Marlboro.

PGPD stressed that it never paid Snyder for his services, and added that the 41-year-old was not under any sort of contractual agreement.

ABC7 first learned about Snyder's ties with PGPD from a source close to the law enforcement agency.

Snyder worked at Code 3 Tactical Academy in Columbia, Maryland, where he taught mixed-martial arts and self-defense classes. A number of local and federal officers have attended that gym for training.

The Anne Arundel and Howard County police departments say they have no record of any affiliation with Snyder. The Montgomery County Police Department is doing an extensive audit of documents, but say so far, they have not found any connection either.

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