Epic flood in Historic Ellicott City remembered on 1-year anniversary as new rain hits

Epic flood in Historic Ellicott City remembered on 1-year anniversary as new rain hits. (Amy Aubert/ABC7)

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (ABC7) -- The streets of Ellicott City were bustling Saturday night, almost a year to the day after massive flooding tore through the small town.

“It was surreal. It was just unbelievable. It was just unimaginable—couldn’t even imagine that something like that would happen in such a quaint little town,” said David Robeson, who owns The Antique Depot in downtown Ellicott City.

Robeson says it took 32 days to reopen their doors after the flooding.

“I forgot what exhausted felt like,” he recalled. “I was the walking dead—literally.”

It’s something those who call the area home won’t ever forget.

“I wouldn’t wish this experience on my worst enemy,” said Kali Harris, who says she watched the flooding unfold from her window.

She snapped pictures and video of the storm, which, she says, is still hard to watch.

“Just kind of reliving that, I hate every second of it,” she said.

The rebuild was a community effort.

“This really means moving onto the next phase,” said Howard County Council Chair, Jon Weinstein. “This town has really come together in an unbelievable way.”

Weinstein says people came out throughout the night on Friday night checking the area until the heavy storms rolled through.

“We’re kind of shell shocked a little bit from it and we just couldn’t believe that another potential storm like that came through almost a year to the day,” Robeson said, of Friday night’s storm.

Sunday marks the one year anniversary since the 2016 floods.

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