'Enough is enough': Fairfax restaurant says it won't show NFL games because of protests

    A Fairfax County restaurant has announced it won't show NFL games because of protests "until there is a stop to this foolishness." (Fat Tuesday's Facebook page)

    The owner Fat Tuesdays in Fairfax is joining President Donald Trump in protesting the NFL's #TakeAKnee movement.

    RL Butler is pulling the plug on NFL games at his bar and grill saying he had to take a stand after seeing players protesting prior to games this past weekend.

    "On our end we're probably foolish to do this but we are gonna lose business over this but on the other hand enough is enough," says Butler.

    This issue erupted last week when Trump said players who kneel during the national anthem should be fired by NFL owners and he called on his supporters to boycott NFL games.

    Butler insists he has been in business for 35 years, in part, by staying out of politics. But he says this is personal. His daughter served in harms way for a year in Afghanistan for the U.S. Army.

    On Tuesday, Butler publicly posted a flyer on the bar's Facebook page that said taking a knee disrespects our country, our national anthem, our military and our veterans.
    "To Our Valued Customers:
    As proud parents of an active duty member of the US Army and a veteran of Afghanistan, we stand on the side of our brave men & women in uniform not the men in sports costumes that take a knee and disrespect our country, our National Anthem, our military and our veterans.
    We place a much higher value on our great country then any sporting event. Therefore, we will not be showing any NFL games at Fat Tuesday's until there is a stop to this foolishness.
    Sincerely, RL & Karen Butler"

    He'll change the channel back to pro football when there is "a stop to this foolishness."

    Butler adds, "How can people dishonor our flag or our country or our national anthem?"

    One long time customer says he won't come back until the games are back on insisting the owner misunderstands what the players are doing.

    He tells ABC7 News the players aren't disrespecting the flag or the country. He says they're taking a stand on the social injustice and racial inequality in America.

    Meanwhile, at least two restaurants in New York said they would not air NFL games as well as the flag protest debate rages on.

    Demonstrations were carried out at every NFL game on Sunday and Monday. Dozens of players, including several Redskins, kneeled, and entire teams decided not to take the field during the singing of the national anthem.

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