Employee recovering after man throws lit Molotov cocktail inside Md. liquor store

Employee recovering after man throws lit Molotov cocktail inside Md. liquor store (ABC7)

A Calverton liquor store manager says a man who helps clean his store is recovering in the hospital after a suspect allegedly entered the store with a lit Molotov cocktail.

It happened Sunday around 8:30 p.m. inside Calverton Liquors, which is in the Calverton Shopping Center.

Police arrested 22-year-old Kevon Edwards, of Laurel, shortly after he fled the store. He is facing 11 charges, including attempted first and second degree murder.

The incident also gave a customer minor burns, according to store manager Danny Shah.

Prince George’s County Fire/EMS says Edwards walked into the store Sunday night with a container containing flammable liquid that he had lit on fire at the top.

The store manager, Shah, says a man who cleans the store named Benny confronted Edwards with a broom right after he walked in.

At that point the fire department says Edwards allegedly threw the bottle. Shah says surveillance video he turned over to investigators doesn’t clearly show if he threw it or dropped it, but either way it ignited.

Shah says Benny’s shirt caught fire and a customer was burned in the leg. On Thursday, Shah said Benny was still in the hospital but was expected to be recover.

Shah says employees chased Edwards out of the store. A nearby police officer took him into custody.

Shah says Edwards had been bothering customers at the next door Giant earlier in the day and had the police called on him. He says Edwards had also come in his liquor store about an hour before he came back and started the fire.

He says he’s not sure what Edwards’s motive was but thinks he may have been planning to steal liquor.

“He came in and checked out like he wanted to steal something earlier,” Shah said. “But then I guess too many people were in here. So maybe he thought before we closed, he could steal something," said Shah.

Shah says Edwards’s mother came into the store Thursday afternoon and apologized, telling him that her son had recently escaped from a mental health facility in Rockville.

“She was crying. She felt very bad for what had happened,” Shah said. “She really wanted to tell me how she’s been trying to get help from the state, but it’s been hard.”

The investigation into the crime is being conducted by the Office of the Fire Marshal in Prince George’s County, which is part of the Fire/EMS Department.

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