Educators rally to change Prince George's County school board structure

Educators rally to change Prince George's County school board structure (ABC7)

About 200 people gathered in Annapolis on Monday night to rally for change, including teachers from the Prince George’s County Education Association (PGCEA).

The calls for change follows an October audit, which found that some staff members did not comply with district grading and graduation procedures within some Prince George’s County high schools.

“The Prince George’s County school board structure is not working and the PgCEA has taken a vote of no confidence in the structure,” said PGCEA President Theresa Mitchell Dudley.

Dudley supports House Bill 196, which could put power back in the hands of Prince George’s Board of Education.

The bill is sponsored by state Senator C. Anthony Muse.

“If they are intelligent enough to elect their house of delegates, then they are smart enough to elect their school board members,” said Muse.

“It is time for a fully elected school board in Prince George’s County... shame... shame shame,” said Dudley.

Muse is running for county executive.

“I’m not going to run the entire school system,” said Muse, who wants to see more checks and balances.

“As I stated previously, intentional violations of school system policies and procedures will not be tolerated,” said Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer in a statement to students and parents at Duval High School last month.

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