Dumfries daycare raided in drug investigation

DUMFRIES, Va. (WJLA) - Witnesses tell ABC7 that before daybreak Wednesday morning, FBI agents raided a Triangle townhome,
then the Little Angels Daycare Center in the Dumfries Shopping Center.

"I'm really surprised," said Bamba Sekou, a neighboring business owner. "I know them. I see them everyday, but I didn't really know something like that was going on."

According to a federal charging document, agents arrested Ralph Caldwell, the husband of the woman who owns the daycare.

The document says Prince William County Police had:

"...identified Caldwell as a distributor of large amounts of Oxycodone, Percocet tablets, and Codeine syrup in and around Prince William County..."

The document says Caldwell was operating out of the alley just behind the daycare center. Four times in the past two months the Feds say Caldwell sold drugs there to a confidential informant wearing a wire.

The document also says that the informant:

"...observed Caldwell operating a Little Angels Daycare van (with children seated inside the van) while Caldwell was drinking a pineapple soda that was purple in color, which C-1 believed to be Codeine."

There is no indication Caldwell's wife, the daycare owner, knew what was going on. She was not named in the charging documents.

There could be more arrests in this case. The charging document says Caldwell took the informant to a doctor's office where a woman came out and handed him an envelope of pills.

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