'Drag Queen Story Hour' fills so quickly at Virginia library that waiting list started

Drag Queen Gillette Black who reads at Drag Queen Story Hour. (Photo: Virginia Beach Public Library)

'Drag Queen Story Hour' fills so quickly at Virginia library that waiting list started

A library in Virginia Beach started their first Drag Queen Story Hour for children and it didn’t take long before all 35 available seats were filled, WAVY10 News reports.

The story hour is run by volunteer drag queens who read stories to children in three groups from toddlers to second graders.

Local parents were so on board with the idea that a waiting list to join the class had to be started.

"That way [kids] are not so judgy,” Jennifer Grant, a mother of two, told WAVY. “I can think of some parents and families that wouldn't want to show them ... but the more they don't know they are not going to understand what the world around them is about."

The first event was held on July 28 at the Virginia Beach Public Library in a private room so there wouldn’t be any outside distractions.

A library manager says the class is in line with a library’s purpose – informing and providing information.

"I feel great about bringing it here," Katie Cerqua, the library system's youth and family services manager, told WAVY. "Libraries from our very beginning were there to make sure people had access to information and knowledge and resources to better their lives. This just fits right in with what libraries do as a whole."

The program is part of a national initiative, with events in states across the country from North Carolina to New York, that they say aims to teach children they can be whatever they want to be and how not to judge others, according to their website.

For more information on the program, click here.

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