Don Dwyer sentenced to 60 days in jail

Dwyer was stopped for DUI while appealing his sentence for boating under the influence. Photo: Maryland House of Delegates

(WJLA) - Maryland Del. Don Dwyer was sentenced Friday to 60 days in jail in connection with a series of incidents where he was drunk behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Dwyer had previously pleaded guilty to operating a boat under the influence in an August 2012 incident during which he crashed his boat on the Magothy River.

Nine people, including several children, were hurt in the crash, during which Dwyer's admitted blood alcohol content was 0.24. He said a day after the incident that he regretted his actions.

However, while appealing his original 30-day jail sentence in connection to the crash, Dwyer was stopped and arrested this past August for driving under the influence in Anne Arundel County.

During Friday's court hearing, Dwyer was sentenced to his original 30 days in jail for the boat crash and another 30 days for the DUI.

Randy Harbin stormed out of the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court. He thinks delegate Don Dwyer got off easy.

“Bare minimum of a sentence compared to what I think he deserves,” Harbin says.

Anastasia Moore is just as angry. She wants an apology.
“You want him to step up, stand up, be a man you know,” Moore says.

Moore's 5-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son were riding in a boat with their grandfather Harbin at the helm when their boat collided with Dwyer's boat.

Dwyer's sentence means that the republican from Pasadena will be serving time during at least part of the 2014 legislative session. But his lawyer says he will not resign.

“Delegate Dwyer will continue to serve his constituents in the state legislature,” says David Fischer Dwyer's attorney. “He will stand up for things he believes in and his constituents believe - more effectively now he is leading a sober life.”

In court, Dwyer's lawyer asked for leniency explaining that Dwyer drank because of the stress of being an extremely unpopular politician, the recipient of frequent death threats.

He also repeated Dwyer's assertion that even though he was drunk at the time, the boat crash was in fact Harbin's fault. Harbin rejects that notion and plans to sue.

“To be at speed to be drunk and not even be watching where you are going seems to me to be a crime,” Harbin says.

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