Doctor helps deliver baby in Silver Spring church parking lot

Doctor helps deliver baby in Silver Spring church parking lot (ABC7)

A mother and her newborn baby are doing well after the boy was unexpectedly born in a Silver Spring parking lot Thursday morning.

ABC7 News talked to Marnique Young at Holy Cross Hospital, where she had planned to give birth. But after she went into labor and her boyfriend picked her up, he took a wrong turn off the Beltway trying to get there.

“We ended up getting lost, and then my water ended up breaking in the car,” Marnique said. “When I felt the head coming out, I knew, yeah, we’re not going to make it, might as well just pull over.”

Her boyfriend pulled onto the property of the Seventh Day Adventist Church headquarters off East Randolph Road. They needed help – and it came in a miraculous way.

Yvette Ross Hebron – a doctor – and her husband Harold were waiting at a red light, and because they were behind a line of cars they were right near where Marnique’s boyfriend had stopped his car.

“We noticed a young man running frantically around the car,” Yvette said. “And I heard him scream, and he was saying, ‘the baby is coming, the baby is coming!’”

The Hebrons pulled in and Yvette said she was a doctor and could help. Meanwhile Harold took over the phone from Marnique’s boyfriend Anthony so he could tell a dispatcher exactly where they were.

But there was no time left for medics to arrive.

“We’re talking maybe one more contraction, and a push, and the baby was there,” said Yvette, who says the baby was born about a minute after she and Harold arrived.

After delivering the baby, Yvette made sure the baby was breathing and took care of things until medics arrived.

“I’m just really grateful she was there, her and her husband,” Marnique said from her hospital room Friday, where she was sitting next to her son, who like her boyfriend is named Anthony. “Honestly, I don’t know what would have happened.”

It was a series of improbabilities that led to the Hebrons and Marnique converging on the same spot Thursday morning.

Marnique says since she and Anthony were lost they didn’t know where they’d wound up.

The Hebrons say they always take East Randolph Road to their nearby office, but on that day they were headed in earlier than normal because of a patient who usually doesn’t schedule morning appointments.

“We asked [the patient later], ‘Why did you want to schedule early?’” Yvette said. “He said, ‘I don’t know.’”

Marnique and the Hebrons don’t believe their unusual meeting was accidental.

“We just feel that it was divine intervention,” Yvette said.

Added Harold: “We’re just glad that God put us in the right place to do what we did.”

The Hebrons were able to visit Marnique and the baby in the hospital later Thursday night.

“We know that this is a special child, that God has something really planned for his life,” Yvette said.

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